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Conference Programming: On Site 

Exhibitions in Newberg

Chehalem Cultural Center:

-Landscapes: National Juried Exhibition (Foyer Gallery)

-NW CONTEXT: NWWFC Presenters and East Creek (Main Gallery)

-Wood Fired Platters (Hall Gallery)

George Fox University:

Noble Hill Community

Art Elements Gallery

-Oregon Potters Association

-Represented Artists

Programming Descriptions




9:30 - 10:30 Josh Edgar

11-2:00 Katie McFadden

2:30 3:30 Joe Robinson

4-5 Peter Callas



9:30 -10:30 Melanie Smith: Finding your Community, Classroom 2

9:30 -10:30 Jesse Jones: Pleasant Hill Pottery; The Story,..and use of waste vegetable oil as a supplementary and sustainable fuel in the wood-firing process. Theater.

11-12 FILM Peter Volkous “lost tapes”.  Theater


1-2 Joe Robinson: The East Creek Journey, Theater

1:30 -2:30 Skutt: Bisquing and Kiln Questions, Classroom 1

2:30 -3:30 Jay Widmer, Jay’s Anagama and Mountain. Theater

4:00-5:00 Antra Sinha: Tetrarc Making a Five-foot, Wood-fired Sculpture

In this presentation I will talk about the Golden Bridge Pottery and Ovoid studios in

India, where I made this work. I’ll describe the opportune moment that arrived in the

conception of the shape of this sculpture. Because this shape does not have a flat

base, the process of making the sculpture was more involved – it required a clay

support structure and wooden as well as metal frames to assist with creating the final

form. I will take you on a visual journey as this process unfolded.



3:30-5:00  Small Kiln Panel. moderator, Ken Pincus, Portland, OR Panelists Bill Geisinger Sebastopol, CA Jesse Jones … Pleasant Hill Eugene. Anthony Gordon, Corvallis


9-12, Casual Kiln Building Conversations:  Classroom 1

1-3 Casual Critique: Classroom 2

3-5, Casual glaze conversations: Classroom 1




9:30 - 10:30 Open

11-12:00 Peter Callas Part 2

1-2 Joe Robinson Part 2

2:30 -3:30 Tea Duong

4:00-5:00 Natalie Warrens



10:30 -12:00:  Hank Murrow Image lecture: Solo, & With Company, My Woodfire Experience”. 100 slides with captions, discussion/questions. Feedback between firing in a gas kiln and firing in wood kilns, the two modes inform one another.  Theater


1:00-2:00: Cooper Jeppesen Homemade Charcoal for Reduction Cooling An overview of a simple way to make your own hardwood charcoal and its applications in reduction cooling wood kilns. Theater.


2:00-3:00 Careen Stoll: The Heart of the Tin Man Kiln Description: The Tin Man kiln was a round Wood/ WVO kiln in urban PDX fired successfully 12 times before being torn apart. He is being re-designed and re-built next year. Careen shares slides of the innovative design, results of the firings, and notes on how it was to fire this beloved kiln before moving into a ten-minute presentation shared at NCECA about the context of the land on which the kiln will be re-built. Open discussion to follow concerning that forest and the new design. Classroom 2


2:30 -3:30: Peter Callas. Peters' 50 years in ceramics earned him a worldwide reputation for both his pioneering work with the Anagama kiln and his unique poetic and expressionistic style. Theater.


4:00-5:00 Film Premier: CALLAS: LIFE ON FIRE”  about 25 minutes long. 

 VOULKOS: THE LOST TAPES” a short documentary film.  Theater.


10:30 -12:00   Good Job, Do Better: A Discussion About Creating Spaces in the Wood Firing Community.

Moderator Mandy Stigant. Panelists: Careen Stoll, Alex Slydel, Aubrey Sloan, Antra Sinha, Mindi Gandara


1:00 -2:30 pm. Polishing Wood Fired Pottery: Panel. Moderator: Samuel Newman Panelists: Dwayne Sackey, Mark Terry, Ron Linn, Overview: Through the lens of these 4 panelists we hope to foster an engaging conversation that allows participants and panelists alike to bring clarity to the decisions that we make through our crafting of wood fired ceramic art. 


Each Panelist will share: A high level background or overview of their clay journey Why they have pursued an atmospheric clay practice A challenge that has led to a finishing technique. *The aim will be to share practical tips and advice along with thoughts on the why behind these practices* Question and Answer Session:


2:30 -4:00:  Nature/ Nurture: Wood Firing as Lab for Self and Interpersonal Awareness.   Moderator:  Chris Baskin    Panelists:    Jane Woodard, Dr. Rick Robinson, Dana Carman, Integral Consultant.

Working with a group towards a common goal is woven with personal artistic goals. Built in challenges and stresses in this process create an ideal opportunity for growth in self awareness, interpersonal relating, and conflict management. 

Ideas :

1) con·sil·i·ence: consensus of varied sources and methods on conclusions.

2) Safe environments: physical, mental, emotional.    

3) Top Team Alignment and Organizational Culture

4) Using Artist tools for thinking:  Analogy, metaphor, critique    

5) Tools, language, and exercises for self awareness.   

   A) Language: I, we, us, it.    B)Four quadrants of experience



9:00-12:00, Casual Kiln Building Conversations:  Classroom 1

9:00-10:00: California Potters meet up: Classroom 2

9:00-10:00: Student Photo Share. Theater

1:00-2:00:   Casual Conversations Contemporary Issues.


5:00 pm Friday:  Keynote Lecture: Jack Troy





9:30 - 10:30 Scott McLelland

11-12:00 Mat Rude

1:00-2:00 Eva Funderburgh

2:30 -3:30 Stephen Robison

4:00-5:00 Peter Callas



9:30 -10:30 Anne Beyer: Wood Firing Contemporary Context.  Theater.

11:00-12:00 David Zdrill: Stacking in the Stack. My journey, firing and kiln designs. Current kiln, two small chambers- a cross draft and an updraft chamber which also functions as the stack, or chimney, for a variety of firing effects and temperature ranges while also improving efficiency. Theater.


1:00-2:00 Conrad Calimpong: Kiln building with Castable.  Classroom 2

2:30 - 3:30 Lew Allen: Building the East Creek ChickenCat kiln. Theater

2:30 -3:30 Jess "Squirrel" Komaromy: Wood Firing Abroad

4:00-5:00 Tara Wilson: Theater



10:30 -12:00: Passing Down Knowledge in a Changing World: Teaching in the Twenty-First Century: Moderator: Marie Weichman. Panelists Stephen Robison, Central Washington U, Tara Wilson, Helena, Montana, Rick Mahaffey, Tacoma Community College. 


1:00-2:00 Benjamin Cahoon: Pot Posting Social Media. Theater

4:00-5:00 Scott McClelland: Wollastonite clay bodies and other materials to get yellow  flashing crystal growth. Classroom 2

3:00-4:00 Environmental Practices: Chanda Zea and Linda Vinkle Hardie, 

NCECA Green Task Force.  Classroom 1



9:00-12:00, Casual Kiln Building Conversations:  Classroom 1

9:00-10:00: Washington Potters meet up: Classroom 2

4:00-5:00 Casual Conversation: Conference and Feedback, Classroom 1

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