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Northwest Wood Firing Conference

June 2-4, 2022
Newberg, OR

The Conference

Shared Work, Shared Result
June 2-4, 2022
9-5 daily

Join top wood firing artists from around the Northwest and the nation for three days of talks, demos, panels, and shows. A 5,200 sq. ft. exhibition hall serves as the focal point of the weekend, while concurrent shows and studio tours dot the Greater Portland area.  Connect with professionals and educators in the field, as well as the vendors who support this niche community of artists, pyros, and dreamers.  

Pre-Conference firing and workshop at East Creek, conference-concurrent public kiln unloading celebration Sunday, June 5, 2022.

Organized by East Creek Art in partnership with the Chehalem Cultural Center, the Northwest Wood Firing Conference's mission is to further ceramic education and facilitate connection amongst artists.

The Conference

Concurrent Exhibitions

  • Chehalem Cultural Center, Newberg, OR

    • NW CONTEXT: NWWFC Presenters and East Creek

    • Landscapes: A National Juried Exhibition

    • Wood Fired Platters: Juried Exhibition

  • Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, OR

    • Works from the East Creek Anagama

  • Art Elements Gallery, Newberg, OR

    • Oregon Potters Association

    • Represented Artists

  • George Fox University, Newberg, OR​​

    • Mark Terry

  • Side Street Gallery, Portland, OR

    • Path of Fire: Group Show

  • Hoffman Center, Manzanita OR

    • East Creek Artists​





Concurrent Exhibitions





44 Presenters

Keynote Speaker: Jack Troy


Peter Callas's new film, PETER CALLAS: LIFE ON FIRE

Also: Josh Edgar, Melanie Smith, Katie McFadden, Joe Robinson, Jay Widmer, Peter Callas, Mike Sievers, Ken Pincus, Bill Geisinger, Jesse Jones, Anthony Gordon, Hank Murrow, Mandy Stigant, Careen Stoll, Alex Slydel, Aubrey Sloan, Amy Burnham, Antra Sinha, Cooper Jeppesen, Tea Duong, Natalie Warrens, Sam Newman, Dwayne Sackey, Mark Terry, Ron Linn, Chris Baskin, Dr Rick Robinson, Jane Woodard, Dana Carman, Anne Beyer, Scott McClellan, David Zdrill, Marie Weichman, Stephen Robison, Tara Wilson, Rick Mahaffey, Benjamin Cahoon, Lew Allen, Eva Funderburgh, Jess Komaromey, Chanda Zea Glendenning, Linda Hardie Vinkle, Conrad Kalimpong

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Georgies Ceramic and Clay
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Conference Program

June 2-4, 2022
Doors: 9-5 daily

The conference will support the following programming:

  • Exhibition hall 

  • Panel Discussions 

  • Arranged Demos

  • BYO Demos (open to any artist, signup sheet on-site)

  • Casual Conversations (no leader, just topics)

  • Lectures (traditional slide format, in Theatre space)

  • Concurrent Exhibitions

  • Pre-Conference Firings

Pre-conference Workshop and Firings

  • East Creek Anagama and Catenary Arch, Willamina, OR

  • Mark Terry's Catenary Arch Kiln

  • Peter Callas Making Workshop at East Creek Studio

  • Public unloading event at East Creek 


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